India's Favorite Streaming Stick

Instantly stream media onto your TV from your Smartphone, Desktop, Mac® or Chrome browser in full HD!

Pre-order now to get it first. You also get your full replacement warranty extended by another year. Teewe 2 starts shipping on 25th May.

Plug and Play

Just plug Teewe into your TV and download the app. After a quick one-time setup play anything from Youtube videos to saved videos from your phone directly onto your big screen.

All your Content

Movies on your laptop, photos from your latest vacation or simply mirroring your desktop for a presentation? Teewe has got you covered no matter what OS you use.

All of the Internet

Bring all of internet on the big screen, stream videos from websites like Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, 9gag and many more with the Teewe Chrome plugin.

Our Users Love Us

Ritu Prakash David

"I have so much love for the team and the technology at TeeWe. I've told hundreds of people about you and all of them are curious to know more. I'm about to purchase 5 TeeWe s for my friends and family. It's a present that brings sustainable joy and togetherness to the receiver's life (pun intended). Thank you to the team at TeeWe!"

Arvind Bhagra

"Internet Access to TV. A great way to get better and more interestng choice and that too on the big screen. Thanks Teewe."

Manish Bhoola

"Amazing tool. Since release of byomkesh bakshi movie, my 11 year old enjoys watching original doordarshan series from YouTube."

Soumya Guha Roy

"Once upon a time in India, me and my wife used to fight over the TV and the remote. Now a days we fight over the TV and the smartphone. No more cable channels in our home."

And The Press Too

Best gadget award - TV and TV add-ons category

"Teewe was quick enough to stream content played on the phone. This included streaming videos from YouTube or watching content stored on the phone."

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'The sleek, palm-sized device can play any content from any of the user's storage device, such as laptop, desktop and mobile, wirelessly on their television. Cool, right?'

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If you're looking for a low-cost way to stream videos from the Internet or your smartphone/ table to the big screen, the TeeWe looks like a pretty good choice. The companion app is easy to use, and the actual streaming worked without any difficulties.

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"Teewe is more suited for the Desi audience as the team has aggregated data from online sources to provide a better experience in their app, where everything can be controlled with a few taps."

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Teewe seems to be quite responsive, being able to successfully stream videos seamlessly from YouTube. There is no lag or stutter in the playback, and playing local content is also hassle-free.

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Pre-order Teewe 2.0 and get your warranty extended by one whole year!

There are only 4986 devices left for pre-order.

Order ships on 25th May

Coming Soon

Watch latest movies and TV shows in your favorite Indian languages from Eros Now. Coming soon on Teewe.

Free 60 GB data (20 GB per month) added to your quota worth Rs. 1500 (only for airtel broadband consumers)

Unlimited Entertainment:

Just at INR 2399/-

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