Make Your TV Smart

Teewe is an HDMI Dongle which lets you stream media to your television wirelessly with the tap of a finger.

Just at Rs 2399

Watch what you want

Play YouTube, downloaded videos, music and photographs from anywhere - be it your phone or laptop.

Bring internet to your TV

Stream online videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and thousands of other supported websites. Also mirror your browser.

It's the real DEAL

We believe in giving back to our users. Exclusive deals from our partners especially for you. Hurry before time runs out!

Worth Rs. 1500

Airtel broadband users get 60 GB smartbytes with Teewe.

Worth Rs. 600

Watch latest Hindi movies and TV shows on Teewe.

And its unbelievably easy

Just plug in your Teewe and start watching. Get your Teewe today.

Why our users love us!

Sreekanth T

"Very Good Product. Great Support from technical team "TEAM NINJA""

Naman Singla

"Proud to be Indian because this Teewe device is far better than other devices like Chromecast, Apple HDMI stream."

Durgesh Baranwal

"I drooled over this small piece of gadget. Bought it as pre-order from their site and have used it for approx a week, I am loving it. My normal 42" inch LED turned into a Smart TV instantaneously"

Ritu Prakash David

"I have so much love for the team and the technology at TeeWe. I've told hundreds of people about you and all of them are curious to know more. I'm about to purchase 5 TeeWe s for my friends and family. It's a present that brings sustainable joy and togetherness to the receiver's life (pun intended). Thank you to the team at TeeWe!"

Arvind Bhagra

"Internet Access to TV. A great way to get better and more interestng choice and that too on the big screen. Thanks Teewe."

Manish Bhoola

"Amazing tool. Since release of byomkesh bakshi movie, my 11 year old enjoys watching original doordarshan series from YouTube."

Soumya Guha Roy

"Once upon a time in India, me and my wife used to fight over the TV and the remote. Now a days we fight over the TV and the smartphone. No more cable channels in our home."

Featured In

Best gadget award - TV and TV add-ons category

"If you liked the Teewe then it's likely that Teewe 2 might just double up the fun of watching your content from laptop via Teewe 2 onto your big screen."

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"As for the experience with Teewe 2, we would say that the HDMI dongle is a simple and straightforward media streamer, that is simple to setup and use by a novice. Priced for Rs 2,399, the Teewe 2 is definitely a good choice over the Chromecast"

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"The Teewe 2 is a great looking device and the price is highly competitive. It does all that it sets out to do very effectively as well. It's also refined the experience of using the Teewe significantly. The app has improved, the setup has been simplified a lot, and the hardware has also been refined."

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"The Teewe 2 does what it says on the box and makes it easy to enjoy local and Web content from your desktop and mobile devices. If you have a large video library stored on your desktop, the Teewe 2 is a good choice for hassle-free playback."

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"Bangalore tech firm launches smaller, more convenient successor to its popular HDMI streaming dongle."

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