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    No wires. No hassles. Just good old T.V.

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    An easy way to connect all your media to your TV

  • Play files from your computer on your television with Teewe Desktop

    Teewe lets you stream stored files over your home Wi-Fi network.
    No wires. No cables. No added data bills!

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What if you never had to get off your couch ?

Admit it. Everyone hates wires and cables. Going through all that trouble to watch your own media on your own TV. Something needs to be done!

your big screen tv

movie on your laptop

messy cables

happy watching!

Imagine if you could play stuff on your TV from anywhere - YouTube, your PC, your Phone - just with a single tap on your device. No wires. No hassles. No Worries.

Connect all your media to your TV wirelessly

What is Teewe?

An HDMI dongle which plugs into your TV.

How does it work?

Use the Teewe app on your phone or tablet to play media with a single click.


The Teewe app puts all your content at your fingertips

You can browse and play your YouTube videos, online music and even your laptop files - all from the Teewe app

Download the app here



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Downloaded a movie on your laptop?
Watch it on the big screen.

Enjoy media on your laptop or PC on your TV screen in full HD glory. Just link your files to the Teewe desktop app to view them on your mobile*.

Desktop App is here now!


for Mac


for Windows


*Files are played over your local Wi-Fi network. No internet needed!

Get your Teewe today!

Why wait? Have the comfort and convenience of Teewe delivered to your doorstep and empower your tv right now. You know you want to.