Getting Started

Take a quick video tour to make the most out of the Teewe Web experience!

How to use the Teewe plugin

We have listed down some helpful tips to get you going with your Teewe plugin

How to setup Teewe on your Chrome browser?

Step 1 - Install the Teewe Plugin on your browser

Step 2 - Install the Teewe Web App on your browser

Connecting to a Teewe

1. Open the Teewe plugin which in Chrome
2. The plugin will search for Teewes on your WiFi network
3. Simply click on a Teewe device to connect

If you do not find your Teewe device in the list you can hit the "Scan Again" button to search again.

If you still do not find your device please check if your computer and the Teewe are on the same WiFi network.

How do I play a video on a website on my television?

Once connected the plugin is connected to a Teewe, just open the plugin while on the website with the videos that you want to watch.

The plugin should give you a list of the videos available on that website. Simply click the "play" button to play the video or add it to the Teewe queue. You can also toggle the quality of the video before streaming it on your Teewe.

The Teewe plugin can’t detect the videos on a website!

You can try hitting the "Refresh" button on the plugin to search for videos on the website.

If that doesn’t work, try playing the video on the website and then open the Teewe plugin. The video should show up in the list of media that can be streamed on to your television.

Mirror your screen or browser tab directly to your Television

You can mirror your entire screen or just your browser tab onto the Television screen with the Teewe plugin. Just click the mirroring icon to see the mirroring options. Select one and you should be able to see your screen/tab on your television screen. If the mirroring seems choppy or slow, try changing the settings to a lower quality. Also try rebooting your WiFi router as your router might be clogged.